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Peeling Solution 60ml 2500
Peeling Solution 30ml 1500
Spa Salt 50
Scar Clear Kit (Concentrated Oil, Scar Cream 10g, Soothing Cream 10g, Scar soap) –BEST SELLER! 1000
Scar Remover Cream 10g 350
Concentrated Oil 16ml 250
Soothing Cream 10g 200
Underarm Kit (Roll on, 2 underarm cream 10g, 1 underarm scrub 100g, soap) –BEST SELLER! 750
Underarm Whitening Rollon 60ml 250
Underarm Whitening Scrub 100g 150
Underarm Whitening cream 10g 250
Anti-Aging Kit(Anti-aging Toner 60ml, Anti-aging cream 10g,Sunblock, kojic soap 135g) 750
Anti-Aging Cream 10g 200
Anti-Aging Solution 60ml 350
Sunblock with Placenta 10g 200
Pinkish Glow Kit (Pinkish Cream 10g, Pinkish Toner 60ml, Sunblock cream 10g, Kojic Soap 135g) 750
Pinkish Toner 60ml 350
Pinkish Cream 10g 200
Pore Toner 60ml 200
Diamond Peel Kit (Face Peeling Solution, Skin Toner, Night Cream 1, Night Cream 2, DP Sunblock, kojic soap) 1500
Face Peeling Solution 60ml 350
Skin Toner 60ml 300
Night Cream One 10g 300
Night Cream Two 10g 300
Diamond Peel Sunblock 10g 300
Diamond Peel Cream 10g 250
Anti-Melasma Kit(Melasma Toner 60ml, Melasma Astringent 60ml,MelasmaGel 10g,Night cream 10g, Sunblock,Soap 135g)-by kit only 900
Anti-Melasma Toner 60ml 200
Anti-Melasma Astringent 60ml 350
Anti-Melasma Night Cream 10g 200
Stretchmarks kit (Stretchmarks solution 60ml, Stretchmarks cream 10g, Concentrated oil 16ml, Soothing cream 10g, Soap) 750
Stretchmarks Cream 10g 200
Stretchmarks Solution 60ml 500
WBPOil Kit (Body Peeling Oil 100ml, Hydrocort Lotion 100ml, Derma Lotion 100ml) 2300
Body Peeling Oil 100ml 1500
Soothing Lotion 100ml 600
Derma Whitening Lotion 100ml 250
Anti-Pimple Kit 750
Anti Pimple Solution 60ml 300
Anti-Pimple Cream 10g 200
Anti-Pimple Gel 10g 200
Finishing Vit with Sunblock 10g 200
Nose Professional Lifter 600
Hokkaido Capsules (40capsules) 350
Kojic Soap 135g 50
5-in-1 Soap 135g 70
Gluta Soap 135g 70
Scar Remover Soap 135g 250
Kojic Soap 135g Box 80
Gluta Soap 135g Box 100
Gold Peel Facial Kit (Gold Cream, Sunblock, Solution,Soap) 350
Gold Peel Cream 10g 150
Gold Peel Sunblock 10g 150
Gold Peel Solution 60ml 150
Warts Remover Cream 10g 450
Thick & Long Lashes Cream 10g 450
Dream Woman Slimming Cream 250
Slimming Girdle 550
Slimming Leggings 350
Magic Push Up Bra 350
HideScar Leg Makeup 70g 498
Sakura Slimming Coffee 200
Malunggay Tea 30bags 200
Guyabano Tea 30bags 200
Green Tea 25bags 200
Slimming Ampalaya Tea 200
Varicose Vein Gel 60ml 498
Varicose Vein Gel 10ml 198
Leg, Foot & Heel Peel Lotion 60ml 298
Leg, Foot & Heel Peel Lotion 10ml 150
Softening Heel Cream 10g 200
Jailev's Softcreme Sunblock Lotion SPF80 250
2pcs Eyelash Grower Castor Oil 7g 298
Hair Grower Oil Essence 60ml 399
100g, 500g,1000g
Scar Remover Cream 100g 3000
Scar Remover Cream 500g 8000
Scar Remover Cream 1000g 15000
Concentrated Oil 1Liter 7800
Soothing Cream 500g 4250
Soothing Cream 1000g 8000
Jailev's Softcreme Sunblock Lotion SPF80 1500
Underarm Cream 100g 1500
Underarm Cream 500g 5000
Underarm Cream 1000g 8000
Anti-Aging Cream 100g 1500
Anti-Aging Cream 500g 5000
Anti-Aging Cream 1000g 8000
Sunblock with Placenta 100g 1500
Sunblock with Placenta 500g 5000
Sunblock with Placenta 1000g 8000
Pinkish Glow Cream 100g 1800
Pinkish Glow Cream 500g 7500
Pinkish Glow Cream 1000g 14000
AntiPekas Cream 100g 1800
AntiPekas Cream 500g 7500
AntiPekas Cream 1000g 12500
Stretchmarks Cream 100g 1800
Stretchmarks Cream 500g 7500
Stretchmarks Cream 1000g 12500
Soothing Lotion 1Liter 3000
Derma Lotion 1Liter 3000
Anti-Pimple Cream 100g 1800
Anti-Pimple Cream 500g 7500
Anti-Pimple Cream 1000g 12500
Diamond Peel Cream 100g 1500
Diamond Cream 500g 4000
Diamond Peel Cream 1000g 7800
Gold Peel Cream 100g 1200
Gold Peel Cream 500g 3500
Gold Peel Cream 1000g 6500
Gold Peel Solution 1 Liter 1500
Gold Peel Sunblock 100g 1500
Gold Peel Sunblock 500g 4000
Gold Peel Sunblock 1000g 7800
Warts Remover Cream 100g 3500
Warts Remover Cream 500g 15000
Warts Remover Cream 1000g 22500
Whole Body Peeling Cream 100g 1500
Whole Body Peeling Cream 500g 4000
Whole Body Peeling Cream 1000g 7800
Whole Body Peeling Cream Premium 100g 2500
Whole Body Peeling Cream Preimum 500g 6000
Whole Body Peeling Cream Premium 1000g 10000
Varicose Vein Gel 100g 800
Varicose Vein Gel 500g 3500
Varicose Vein Gel 1000g 6500
Leg, Foot & Heel Peel Lotion 100ml 400
Leg, Foot & Heel Peel Lotion 1Liter 3000
Eyelash Grower Castor Oil 4000
Hair Grower Oil Essence 1Liter 3000
100pcs Cream Jars 100g 1200
100pcs Eyelash Tube 7g 3000
100pcs Toner Bottle 60ml 1200

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VIBER: +639273471260

visit our shop at JAILEV'S BODY CARE- Baclaran Branch MAIN.
Unit 5, 2nd Floor, 2142 Arry Plaza Bldg, Airport Road, Baclaran Paranaque. (Bldg is beside BDO; Across McDo and Palawan Express, Jailev's Body Care is above Dunkin Donuts, beside Universal Dental Clinic and Charm Brows)
0908 733 6598 /02-6240448/09171243453/ 0927 347 1260
OPEN 8AM-5PM, Mon-Sun except holidays. 
Contact Nos.
+632 908 633 6598 For Pickup/Meetup/Inquiries
+632 927 347 1260 For Shipping/Dealership/Franchising.


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